Friday, March 21, 2003

Something anything else...

Let me...entertain you...

Ah, forget it. Lost my mojo for now. I did some sexy dancing for my husband (OK it was very stupid, ridiculous dancing) today to entertain him. He was very tired this morning and he needed to wake up so I tried to make him laugh. He did not laugh but stared at me uncomprehendingly and said 'you are funny' in this robotic voice.

I may have thrown my neck out.

Sorry I cannot dance for you since this is the only entertaining I am currently capable of.

I do a great impersonation of the girls who dance in Elvis movies, or in the background when the guys from Hawaii Five-O go into a go go dance club..

My mind isn't working well. If I am overdoing it by being boring...well, that's my excuse of the week: I want to be boring. I am trying to fail socially and alienate others.


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