Thursday, August 21, 2003

Thinking about complaining

I think I should amend the post below: I don't like to lie around. I like to meander and observe. Usually when I have days off I do not spend them at home but I spend them wandering the streets. I travel when I can. But I'm passive, not active. And I hate to be told what to do. Traits of someone who will be bad at earning a living.

I do want to know: Does anyone really like it?

But besides the 'work is good' brigade there is this other brigade...the 'do not complain' brigade. They tend to think that as long as someone somewhere has it worse than you it is bad for you to complain.

I think what they aren't getting is: Complaining is made in context. Yes, I complain because...well, because of everything and anything. Relatively speaking, I have it extraordinarily good. I am aware of this fact. But sorry! Just 'cause I have it good doesn't mean I can't want it better. Girl's got to have dreams, ya know?

Anyway, I am surprised that people call Salam 'a crybaby and a whiner' (this is what he says). Sheesh, if you don't get to complain when your country is occupied--when do you get to complain?

I am going to try and break the habit...really.


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