Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Tryin' to think of some funny links...

So you won't be too appalled at my bitterness in the following post. Wow. I'm so bitter. Sheesh. Even I didn't know how bitter I am.

Or maybe it's just low blood sugar.

No! No! I meant everything I said darn it all. But I'm still fun and stuff. Well, some of the time. When I don't feel like throwing up like I do now.

Time to visit Mimi and steal some happy Mimi links...I'm going to have to take all this time raiding Mimi...oh why can't I be a more cheerful kinda gal?

Teen foot fetish...that's so cute!

Worm World!

The wonderful world of college brochures

Don't go to grad school... Oh yeah--I second that. Unless you like being poor.

OK--gosh Mimi's links are getting rather esoteric. But she's going to adopt a baby! Cool! First Matthew, then me, now Mimi.

What is it with these 'M' names and parenthood?


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