Sunday, September 14, 2003

Wimping out on politics...

I ranted insanely here about politics for months and months. Almost all about the war in Iraq. And then I turned to the trivial and the daily...

I still rant. But at home...sometimes just in my own head. As lame as it is I have projects to finish and the crazy feeling I get exhausts me in a way....The inability to stop writing and writing and writing...Really, just a way to maintain my own sanity. To say: This is really happening? How could this insane thing be happening? And then spend an hour or two trying to explain it to myself.

Now I realize I have to put my energy elsewhere for the time being.

For example, the fact that--at least according to one source--70% of Americans believe that Iraq, Saddam Hussein, whatever had something to do with the terrorist attack on 9/11.

I'll leave out the fact that this is &^%$#@#$% false! I'm assuming anyone reading this knows that. That I don't actually have to provide linkage or evidence. Right? Right?

And that no one explicitly made this claim--but it was hinted at and allusions were made to Al Qaeda in Iraq, etc. And I suppose people just put 2 and 2 together and got the square root of 497? And so Wolfowitz was on a talk show a few days ago and repeated the same story about pre 9/11 Iraq and Al Qaeda and then retracted it...

This is sort of like when the stories kept coming up that the WMD had been found! There they are! Then a few days later. Whoops! No! They aren't there!

I guess Wolfowitz forgot he already admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Anyway, I babble on and on here but like I did before I could write pages and pages trying to explain the bizarre phenomenon of this statistic...That people try to make sense of current events and they go to the best explanation--there is no good explanation for the war in Iraq that does not indict their country so they invent an explanation...and statistics are inaccurate...etc. There are at least 20 factors that might explain it.

Even when others behave crazily the sane person is supposed to seek a reasonable explanation. I'm not sane but I also try.

But this is why I don't write so much anymore even if my thoughts are running around on this over and over. I have to finish some things, keep my job, etc.

Making sense of this criminal absurdity...Even defending oneself from abject despair can be virtually a full time job.

And of course the Iraqi bloggers can tell the story better. Read Riverbend's "A Modern Day Fairy Tale" for one take on the lunacy. I don't always agree with Riverbend's conclusions but on most subjects she says things much better than I can.


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