Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I tried...I tried...

I tried to find something to put here. Some tantalizing and fascinating thing that would make you come back again and again. Something that would reveal my awesome web surfing talents and indicate my sense of irony. Something you'd never forget...Ever. That you'd want to spread across the world like Nutella and the English language.

First I thought of some witty idea--like about cavemen eating meat (wooly mammoth) and didn't it just drive them crazy because they had no dental floss. A comic rif--original and yet comforting as it draws on shared frames of reference.

I surfed a little. I thought to raid the blogs of others (although this would have not impressed you so much)...I hoped to stumble, through random googling, on that thing--that amazing thing--that no one could believe existed or would have ever thought of...

And now I'm tired. Very tired. But please remember: I tried. I really did. And maybe next time my efforts will pay off. I can't promise anything. And by then you'll forget all about this little slip...I think. Thank goodness--we forget about most of what we encounter here after all.


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