Saturday, November 22, 2003


"Squirrels are really crazy..." morosely says the guy with a lot of time on his hands ...

"Um, what makes you make that observation?"

"Sometimes I sit in here and watch the squirrels on the roof..."

"The way you said it sounds so sad! It's like a movie where you're the wise aging recluse and I'm the troubled youngster and you have all this wisdom but then it turns out that you used to be a famous something or other and I have to figure out the secret in your past and somehow you help me come to terms with my own fears..."

"I used to be a famous squirrelogist. I will tell you about how squirrels love acorns and get very frantic about the coming winter..."...

"You needed to be a squirrelogist to have this information?"

"But you have to see past the obvious to the wisdom within..."

"Hmmmm. Maybe you're more like Chauncy Gardner."

The squirrels tell their side of the story...


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