Monday, November 10, 2003

I've tried to shield myself from fame...

From famous people, that is.

It seems so absurd that I am forced to know about them, think about them, see them against my will.

I know I've complained about this before.

And as I also mentioned one side effect of pregnancy is sex dreams...lots and lots of sex dreams. For some reason these seem almost exclusively to be lesbian dreams.

But I object to sex dreams starring the female cast of Friends! Why oh why? I cannot even be free of them in my freakin' sleep.

I appear to desire them almost to the extent that I loathe them. How typical. (I admit that I do laugh at the show but this does not decrease my loathing.)

OK, it was a hot dream. The Jennifer Anniston part in fact was the most enjoyable. Was it Rachel or Jennifer herself? Why couldn't it have been someone really sexy like Salma Hayek?

And why can the absence of television and most magazines not protect me? I think the fact that I am only exposed at the gym makes me all the more susceptible. When I watch the shows about all the money they have and spend, etc. while on the treadmill my mind seems to absorb it like a sieve.

It's a kind of assault, though. I cannot fail to know. Against my own wishes or interests I know all. I know that whats-her-name is pregnant and that whats-her-name had her baby and the black haired one cannot conceive...and so and so's husband died of colon cancer. I know more about these people than about anyone I have ever met outside of my own family.

On another note, I'm really starting to wonder about myself. The lesbian sex dreams are the best. What's up with that?

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