Wednesday, November 12, 2003

What is this? People get mad at you for using the word irony...

but there's this set of circumstances and it's not an irony but people say it's an irony. Then they are ridiculed by those more particular about the use of language for saying something is an irony when it isn't--but there has to be a word for it.

One is forced to say 'that's ironic' as there is no apt word to apply.

For example, my darling love is very touchy and yet I am very blunt. Yet this is not an irony. What is it then? It seems like there should be a word for it.

It's not an irony when the right winger who has never loved before (e.g., Andrew Sullivan) falls in love with a left-wing anti-globalization activist. And yet what is it?????

Ya got the same problem with paradox. There are these absurdities that you want to say are paradoxes but they aren't really paradoxes. What do you say: 'Near paradox'?

Anyway--what are those? They aren't the best examples of this frustrating semi-ironic situation that lacks an appropriate adjective but better than rain on your wedding day. 'Cause that's way not ironic.


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