Saturday, April 03, 2004

Happy Hour at the Boob 'N Bottle

So let me tell you a few things about Baby X.

She has mid-career Elvis sideburns. We think the back hair will soon go away but it doesn't detract from her beauty.

We are like 'Laurel and Hardy Have a Baby.' It takes two of us to take off one of her long sleeved shirts. OK, it takes two of us a half an hour to take off her long sleeved shirt.

So we're pretty scared to give her a bath (although we tried this once). Consequently, from above her head looks like that of a greasy middle age physics teacher with a very bad comb-over.

Or as my husband said "I know! We could write the funniest screenplay! Two Parents and A Baby."

So far we kind of suck but she's perfect. Baby X is showing us the way.

Q: How do you know when post partum emotionalism has you in its sticky grip?
A: When the song 'Desperado' seems touching to you. OK, it was Johnny Cash singing it which should count for something. But there's worse.


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