Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Holy Crap

And I really mean it: Crap is holy in its way. It's biology. And what's cooler than that?

Besides cement?

Sorry, don't mind me. I just drank an entire bottle of wine. And Oh, My! Was it good! Was it? Why yes, yes it was.

It wasn't Night Train although I've heard raves about that.

No, it was Sangiovese Di Tosca


And only $4.99. What a bargain!

It appears to be signed by a guy named D'aquino Gaetano...But I'm a little too drunk to read it.

(Husband fell asleep. And yes, I let him sleep! Because otherwise I would have shared that bottle. And who wants that? Who? I ask you?

And people keep signing up to my notify list. Oh, God...how do I do that thing again?

Stay tuned...I think I may have to start a new site just to eliminate the notify list. I seem to have forgotten the little I knew of http or whatever it's called.

I drink, yes. I drink. FOR HEALTH REASONS. And you should too. If you want to sleep until 2:30 pm each day. Why if you can sleep until 2:30 pm each day I highly recommend drinking for health reasons.



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