Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lots of People Who Would Be Alive Are Dead Now

In Iraq...I thought about what I can do and I can't think of anything but perhaps I can be a nuisance and talk about the War in Iraq again.

I think that's about all we can do--become nuisances...talk about the war to people. Say, "Oh, you like that TV show? That's nice. By the way did you know there is a bloody, grim and horrifying war in Iraq?"

What else can I do? I can't think of anything. But I think I'll do this as much as I can...just say--"Thosands upon thousands of people who are dead now are dead only because the U.S. went to war in Iraq. Oh, and yes I will have fries with that."

How pathetic is this as a form of protest? As pathetic as any form of protest now--in a society where public opinion just doesn't matter unless you sound funny during a political campaign.

I fear for my sanity once in a while. When I think about it, I realize that I really am actually afraid of dictatorship and takeover and punishment and sticking my neck out.

It's my vivid imagination. But I do wonder...is that also in the back of everyone's minds...just a little? Another thing that drags away our ability to express outrage at what is completely outrageous.


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