Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Spunky the Monkey alerted me to a way in which the 'future' (which is actually now--you figure it out) may be upon us.

That future...about which I have been so disappointed for its failure to involve jet packs and metallic fabrics and instant facial transformation (without the 'killing you before you're 30' Logan's Run thing), space travel for the masses, the conquest of all disease and social disharmony...may contain at least one of those mind-blowing travel technologies we were led to expect (and not just things that beep you carry in your purse).

Yes, the future will soon perhaps produce something downright futuristic! (Unfortunately, people will still wear levis and cowboy boots and the like.)

Yes, it is anti-gravity fighter planes.

Hey, that sounded pretty good. Finally, anti-gravity. After all this time.

Except we're living in the dystopic future not the utopic future. We're living in the soylent green/ 1984 Future not the Star Trek 'and that was before humans abolished war' future. The future where everyone is packed in together (the 1970's future) and only the wealthy can afford good condiments. Not the future where everyone lives in peace and harmony (the 1960's future). And we may get the downside of the 1950's future with crazed genetic mutations and so on. And not the upside of the 1930's future where the robots clean your house.

Bummer. So the anti-gravity will just be used to kill people or some other creepy thing and not for George Jetson-like charming antics. Still, it's something, I guess.


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