Monday, February 17, 2003

I'm a survivor!

Maybe that TV show has taken the verve out of this word.
Today I was reading this book about people who survive 100 days in the open ocean in rubber rafts and the like. Survivors.

I thought to myself: I'm a survivor!
Miel, the survivor....

There was that time that...and then that time that...and that time that...

Suddenly I realized that virtually everything I survived was caused by my own neuroses. Well, the things I'm the most proud of 'surviving' amount to struggles against my own neuroses. The other things I hardly count. I suppose they are in fact the things that caused the neuroses in the first place, actually.

So I survived far. Still, I think that is pretty good. Isn't it really yourself who is most likely to do you in in the long run? And I'm going to keep at it--struggle and struggle against myself. Somehow I do believe I shall win.


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