Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Some Questions

Do fat people always know they are fat?

How fat is fat?

Do ugly people always know they are ugly?

Do beautiful people always know they are beautiful?

Should I get a subscription to the Economist because I want one so badly even though I cannot afford it and weekly information about the real world will drive me to the brink of insanity?

Are we punished for our sins?

Are we doomed?

Do I actually have to be coherent--or god forbid entertaining--on this blog? Can't I just mutter to myself and swear like I do most of the time anyway? flkjssh? hsit! shit!

Why does anyone bother?

Why do we take the trouble? What's the point?

How do therapists stay in business when it's mostly a big scam and they're really dumb anyway?

Do all the people who find 'love on line' eventually come to hate each other one day?

Why am I such a schlump?

How bad is it to be old? Do you even know you are old or are you always in denial about it?

Where do all these people get all that money? How does anyone afford anything they sell at Pottery Barn? How can they pay for new cars?

When will this be over?


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