Tuesday, February 25, 2003

What's that CAMERA for?

Suddenly...I just realized--there are these pop up ads for those secret hidden cameras everywhere. Eeep.

Hey, man--what's the deal with the cameras?

The one I just got scrolled up and down the unbuttoned torso of some young babe.

So is that what they are for? You hide one somewhere (where?!?) and then you can scroll up and down a person's body. And then you can see it.

But can't you do that with your eyes? No, in fact you can't if you hide the camera in their bedroom you can watch them undress?

So is that what the cameras are for? I mean who the hell buys these cameras? There are ads everywhere so I assume people must be buying them all the time. Where the hell are they putting them? Are they just...everywhere? Are there these crazy people putting secret hidden cameras all over the place where you can't see them?

I assume they are to spy on your babysitter--hopefully to make sure she is not harming your baby and not so you can watch her make out with her boyfriend.

Or to spy on your teenage children while you are out of the house to make sure they aren't smoking pot, watching porn and drinking your liquor.

Maybe they are designed to spy on cheating spouses or to see if it is your roomates who are drinking all your milk and eating your mallomars?

I don't know about you but those ads are starting to scare me. I console myself with the idea that they are these crazily complicated things and a TV with VCR has to be 2 feet away and no one can figure out how to work them. I hope they are the kinds of scam technology that break right away.

Otherwise, that's just creepy...(This is one of those times I wish I had comments so that someone could tell me what those cameras are for.)


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