Friday, February 21, 2003

More Bads

Very Unnecessary Deaths

Daintily, our very own underwear warrior reminded me of just one more terrifying thing I read about the current situation. Many civilians in a war die from hunger and illness. Everyone in Iraq relies on a distribution of basic staples from the Iraqi government. (I posted a story about this from the NY Times recently.) If the infrastructure is destroyed people will not be able to get food. Most people have no reserves and are phyisically weakened by the economic situation. This means that there will be an immediate need to feed millions of people which probably can't be met immediately. Thus, mass starvation is possible and perhaps likely as a result of the U.S. led attack on Iraq.

The story is in this week's Economist but I can't seem to find the link right now.

Many people starved in Afghanistan during the attacks. Whole villages were wiped out by hunger even though bombs didn't touch them because of the disruption caused by the war.

It's not as if we needed more reasons not to attack Iraq. God, all I can hope is that there is some foresight and planning when it comes to the needs of the civilian population. After reading some of the insanely unrealistic projections of the fabulous and wonderful results of the war I get the feeling that the people in charge are not competent or inclined to plan for anything that might go wrong. At the moment the war looks inevitable and all we can hope is that it is over quickly so that hundreds of thousands or millions of people don't die. Of course, it is horrible if anyone dies. One person being killed or starving is horrible. A whole country starving to death because of something my government is directly responsible for is unthinkably horrible.

There is currently starvation in Southern Africa. go to Oxfam's website if you want to do something about that. The world's attention is turned away from that. So even those people are indirectly harmed by the upcoming war.

The only way for it to be over quickly is for the U.S. to win immediately (since obviously the U.S. will not surrender for a very long time). So I guess I am hoping that the U.S. wins immediately and that it is all over fast. Of course, if social chaos and civil war is the result this will also lead to widespread bloodshed and starvation.

Loss of Civil Rights and Freedoms

Domestically, we can no longer be sure what our legal rights are--but we no longer have the ones we had previously.

Here is a current tally of the civil rights we have that are no longer legally protected--and can be violated--by the current government

I got it from this guy's post on Adam Felber's blog


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