Friday, April 04, 2003

Uh...just I was starting to love everyone

I wrote this thing about how I was starting to love everyone (one of those many things I write--I don't post most of the things I write--You can thank your lucky stars for that if you happen to read this thing.) Oh, God. I'll probably post this crap sometime when I get desperate for something to say. (Usually, I have too much to say but occasionally the fountain of bla bla runs dry.)

Salon article complains that we are not protesting the evil Saddam. Need I say I am 'against' Saddam Hussein...?

Saddam Hussein! I spit on you! I despise you! I hate your guts! I double hate your guts! You are uglier than a monkey and more repulsive than a hottub full of naked Republican congressmen!

OK? I really mean this. Saddam Hussein kills parents in front of their children. He employs widespread torture. He kills thousands with impunity. I can't imagine anyone worse than this bastard. George Bush is the world's cutest kitty compared to Saddam Hussein.

However, I must admit that Saddam's blog "Saddam's Cyber Palace" is very amusing. Latest entry:

So they've captured the airport. Big deal. I hate that place. The damn economy parking lots are almost all the way over in Egypt... Literally!!! Then you have to catch one of those open air cargo trucks packed with refugees and all their personal belongings just to get to the terminal building. Whoever designed that place should be shot. Or did I already do that?
And don't EVEN get me started on the airport cops! They are all a bunch of pricks. I remember one time I left my tank parked unattended in the white zone, and they towed it!! I wasn't inside even a minute!!
I tried explaining to the officer that I had just dropped off my cousin, Chemical Ali, who was catching a flight to North Korea on an important sales trip. But he accidentally left his nerve gas samples in the trunk, and I needed to catch up to him before he got on the plane. Sounded perfectly reasonable to me!
But the cop didn't want to hear it. Instead he handed me a ticket for 75,000,000 dinars and then had the audacity to tell me to have a nice day!!!

This person complains that I am not out in the streets in support of the Iranian student movement. Gee, what's wrong with me? Why don't I protest the injustices caused by other governments? Hey! Why am I not out in front of the White House with a sign saying 'Democracy In China! Now!'

Well, let's see now--could it be that this would be utterly, laughably futile? Could it be that I am in fact supposed to have some democratic 'voice' in my own lovely democracy but in fact my own country already opposes the government of Iran? I can just see the mullahs now! "Wow, Americans have come out by the millions to protest the evils of the Iranian government! They oppose our regime! Maybe we better rethink our policies! This changes everything....."

Actually, come to think of it some Chinese friends of mine who fled China after Tienemen and were in the student movement are protesting the war against Iraq as well. How 'bout that?!

The rest of my immigrant friends are not citizens and are way too scared to speak out politically for fear of being deported.

Can I say again that not only does the human rights record of Saddam Hussein horrify me but I want to weep with rage when I recall that the U.S. government was his gleeful ally for many years.

According to a reputable book:

"There are growing calls in the United States, encouraged by the government, to set up a war crimes tribunal and brand Hussein a war criminal. The Halabja gas attack, and its aftermath, are crucial in the case.

There is one fly in the ointment, however. In 1990, against all the evidence, the U.S. Defense Department alleged that Iran was also responsible for the chemical attack on Halabja. An internal Pentagon study assembled what it claimed was "conclusive intelligence" that Iran was complicit in one of the worst civilian massacres in the Iran-Iraq War. This report, leaked to The Washington Post, is being used by Iraqi officials to divert the blame."

Saddam: BAD. Let me say it again. Saddam: EVIL...Saddam: Worst dictator around right now (with the possible exception of Kim Jong Il.) I am against Saddam. Saddam: 10,000X worse than George Bush.

Me, Miel...leftist girl...let me say it: I want democracy everywhere. Democracy good. Political tyranny bad, very bad.

It reminds me of this thing my friend said his brother said to him "Why are you worried about the Iraqi civilians now? Why didn't you care about them before when Saddam Hussein was harming them?"

First of all, many people currently protesting were also opposed to the sanctions. Second, it is possible that huge numbers of Iraqi civilians are about die (I pray to God they don't) because of the attack by the United States--the country we all live in.

It's a terrible problem: An horrific regime v. a devastating war. Neither is desirable but a devastating war--particularly this devastating war, and the way it is being executed--simply seems worse. And it could end up being a lot worse--and not merely because of all the people who will be dead and never see the benefits of 'freedom.' What if it leads to widespread civil war? What if it simply leads to another horrible dictatorship? Are we now assuming that Iraq is going to turn into Switzerland?

OK, if Iraq become Switzerland and all Iraqis agree that this whole thing was a great idea I will realize I was horribly, horribly wrong.

If it happens like this can I make you kiss a picture of...oh, Gandhi or someone?

I will come back and say: I was horribly wrong! Mea culpa, mea culpa. I will put a picture of George Bush up in my living room and kiss it every day for a year.

(Again, this will also be way stupid...but I'll do it. Can I wait about 15 years to see what happens in the long term though? If a whole bunch of people in the U.S. get killed in retaliatory attacks do I get to avoid the 'mea culpa' thing?)

Why don't people protest the horrific regime in Iraq instead?

All I can say is: Duh. How idiotic would that be to go around my own country with signs protesting a regime that is utterly unconcerned with the opinion of anyone? Do you know what 'tyranny' means? It means: We don't care what you think!

I'm trying to figure out if this question can even be meant seriously.

OK, ya happy now? Can I get back to worrying about what the U.S. government does even though I have about as much chance of influencing the choices of this government as I do the choices of the government in Bejing?

Let me have my dreams...Thanks.


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