Tuesday, April 01, 2003

We Come In Peace...

On the BBC World Service Saddam Hussein's speeches sound like the speech of the alien leader when they are translated in the movie 'Mars Attacks'.

The speeches are more than a little disjointed but this might be some kind of poetic repetition? After all, our president says things that make virtually no sense at all.

The Pentagon keeps asking 'Where's Saddam?' Pretty soon they are going to demand that he hold up a newspaper with today's date on it.

Ari says: "The ways that you would know (if he's alive) is if you would see him in a live broadcast,'' said Ari Fleischer, spokesman for President Bush. ``If he was live or he showed something contemporaneous, he would speak about an event that just took place that day or the night before, then you might have information that he is alive."

``We have not seen that. ... The proof that he would be dead would be if you saw a body.''

I assume not just any body. Or not even a body with a mustache and a slightly jowly chin. We know there are plenty of those bodies to go around. A proof problem is going to raise its head at some point in the future, mark my words. But I'm pretty sure that if we don't hear from him in...oh, 20 or 30 years...well, that could be proof. Of a kind.

I suppose I'm putting all this in because I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Yes, I do. I'm pretty sure that crying is the only thing appropriate at this time but when you cry, you cry alone (or should, I suppose).

What is the character: 'Le flambeur irascible'?

What the hell are these people talking about? It sounds scary.

"We know that they're an advanced civilization that suggests very rightfully so, that they're peaceful..."

The War of the Worlds but in reverse

The prophetic nature of "Mars Attacks"? The script is strangely prophetic...OK, it's just that the martians use guerilla warfare. There are a few other things. Read it and see.


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