Monday, August 25, 2003

This vision haunts me...

He dances there on the side of the wide boulevard as cars speed past. It's 109 degrees farenheit. The sign says 'Le Peep' and 'Honk If You're Hungry'...The face is a chicken face on a heavy, hot mask. He dances forward and back with some chicken like movements. Some sort of wing flaps with the elbows and slight hops with the feet. His arms are brown. It's almost pleasant to watch him were it not for the realization it's the hottest summer the desert has seen in years. He's not unenthusiastic as a dancer. I do think that our pleasure might change to horror if we could see the expression on his face, the look in his eyes.

I keep imagining the manager demonstrating the funky chicken to him. This is a place where even the people who take the tickets in parking garages have air conditioning in their little booths.

I wasn't sure what to do to acknowledge his efforts--wave? Become a customer? Boycott the restaurant forever?


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