Saturday, October 18, 2003

The Girl Who Went To Orgies

Some sad and some very bad things have happened to the girl who went to orgies. She was a wild girl but she was also unlucky and had been assaulted a few times, had a baby, gave it up for adoption but later found it was very sick and might die.

She did things that amazed me. In the library she made eye contact with this guy at the card catalog and had sex with him in the stacks. Later, she said he was ugly. She had sex with a stranger on a plane. Then she had the embarrassing moment of walking past him as if she never met him because he was greeted by his wife and children. She had many beautiful women friends, most of whom she slept with at least once. One beautiful Spanish woman who she said sometimes wet the bed.

Some things she did I didn't understand. Often she slept with her friends' boyfriends or crushes. It would be the girl she always cared for--why did she sleep with the boyfriend? One would come around to our apartment in secret, write her poetry that annoyed her. She was pretty and it seemed that could have any man she wanted but not only because she was pretty. She wasn't classically beautiful but she was sultry with smooth, cool dark skin and perfect white teeth. Incredibly confident. There was an edge to her--an edge of anger almost. A kindness also. At least for those whom she didn't hate. "Peasants!" she would call those whom she disdained. I always cringed at that one.

There were some embarrassing and terrible moments between us that I can barely stand to remember now.

And she went to orgies. For the life of me I can't remember where she heard about the orgies or how she ended up in them. She found them in New York City. I wanted to know the details. I thought an orgy was a kind of joke--that they never would happen in real life and could not imagine what sort of people would want to go to them. I was very innocent and pretty much stayed that way. But I thought I might learn about sex or about life from her. I think the only generalization I could draw from our year of friendship combined with some other tougher roommate situations was: Don't live with people who grow up in rich families. They don't clean up much and if you don't also come privilege you will end up being bossed around.


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