Saturday, October 18, 2003

Oops. I missed La Bla-Blas one year anniversary...

I've been blabbing for years but only began sharing my bla bla with total strangers on October 13 of last year. I want very much to say something other than the cliche 'How time flies!' So I will say: 'Death comes closer every second!'

The latter depresses me less than the former. I have 'time problems.' I've tried to come up with some technical term to describe them. I sometimes call them "The Schopenhauer Syndrome" and this is the best I can do so far. It's not informative enough, I think. Schopenhauer was such a freak. Obsession with the passage of time was the least of his problems. And I haven't drawn any grand conclusions from my sorrow over constant transience.

I started the bla bla thinking that if I made a concerted effort to reflect on my inability to appropriately conceptualize (let alone manage) time perhaps I would conquer or manage it.

Things went awry very quickly after that. But at least I was distracted.

And so. Ta dum.


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