Sunday, November 23, 2003

I said that babies are scary...

Scary Baby Conspiracy

from fiendish word

Ya know what I mean--scary movies....babies crucial to the destruction of the world...good vs. evil. The baby is either very good or very evil. He's there to save or destroy mankind.

Babies/children making scary noise, talking backwards, etc.

Beings bursting from inside the body.

These scary baby/children things in movies never fail to startle or terrify. I've got some potential explanations for that fact. Maybe I'll get into some of these later and I think I've mentioned these before. But roughly they are:

1. The 'uncanny' (suspension of natural expectations or laws)

2. General hype about innocence of babies being subverted.

3. The true and rather terrifying fact of creating someone from virtually nothing...There are some freaky metaphysics here. First some gooey microscopic globs...wait a while...hey! a person! Eventually a person who talks back. That's pretty freaky in itself.

4. Just babies. As the woman in 'Raising Arizona' says "Course they cry! Babies cry!" Whether one's baby does or does not speak in tongues or float or become part of Satan's plot to rule the world: Babies are scary.... Even the cute ones who are the product of wholly natural causes. Let's face it.

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