Monday, November 03, 2003

Oh no! Not Black Power!

Excuse me but how is it relevant that the D.C. sniper had a book in his "Caprice" that was called Black Power?

Well, it might be if the book said to go shoot people. (Didn't he shoot black people? I thought he did but I can't remember.)

The Post has a scroll with updates of the trial. But that one just annoyed me. Uh, I think I know where they are going with that one...and they get to--it's legal. And that bothers me very much==both the legal and media emphasis.

And the guy could be as guilty as hell and it would still bother me.

I'm not going to bother following this story. I don't see the point. When I said to my husband: God, I wish they didn't make stories like this major headlines he said "Don't try and get a job in journalism." Actually, that is one of my alternative career plans...but maybe it shouldn't be.

Actually, I have a book called Black Power by Stokey Carmichael. I just remembered. I wondered if it's that book? Hmmm. Better not carry that in my car. Well, I guess I can.


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