Sunday, November 02, 2003

This is something I learned in Catholic school: Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it right!

God bless those nuns! They taught me alot. Everything I needed to know about a cruel, repressive and unforgiving world I learned in Catholic school.

In Catholic school (I guess like in Israel) they were very into collective punishment. So if 95% of the students did a bad thing then 100% of them would get in trouble. They also liked the idea of punishing 100% when only 1% did something bad. We learned. I guess. We learned to be scared. We learned there is no such thing as safety in numbers.

I suppose I should mention I am still Catholic. Could laugh about it then and can laugh about it now. When I'm not crying, that is.

If marijuana from Canada--grown only by individual growers--is a bigger business than lumber and wheat combined I think there is one thing we can conclude: A whole lot of people in the U.S. are getting stoned. I.e., virtually everyone is doing it or has done it. Canada isn't even the biggest supplier--Mexico is. (I done it but am not doing it). However, only some people are going to jail for it. Billions are being spent to stop it. I find it hard to believe that most people find it anything but absurd.

The obvious question: What is the purpose of these laws? does not seem to be asked. I think asking whether they are effective is a bit of a joke.

I doubt anything will be done to repeal the law in my lifetime.
A while back I wanted to know why going naked in public is illegal but I was sorta kidding...but I really DON'T understand why marijuana is illegal.

(No, actually--why IS it illegal to go around naked? I mean, who is more harmless? Someone wearing clothes with pockets where they can hide weapons and crumpled icky kleenex or someone naked who could not conceal a thing? I mean, I can imagine that this is a major problem with nakedness in the workplace--the absence of pockets. But still. )

I don't even enjoy getting high all that much...It increases my tolerance for bad entertainment and makes mediocre art seem incredibly profound but I would be fine with never smoking pot again. I guess I'm not fine with thousands of people in jail and billions of dollars spent to ensure...What? How do those billions affect the average very, very occasional drug user (not to mention the committed and knowledgeable user).

Well, I guess that if I choose to buy pot I have to be a little eensy bit scared and moderately secretive. And go through some sort of black market channel. Like...uh, someone I know from my statistics class.

What business is second only to the oil business in Canada's commodities exports?

The related story about how fertilizer companies are targeting pot growers was amusing.

And Tommy Chong is going to jail!?!

Huh? "Marijuana is illegal because there are specific laws that make it illegal." And a tautology is? No wonder kids today grow up and listen to right wing radio!

Pot gallery...their pride in their buds is so darn cute.


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