Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hey, we're having a war

Sometimes I want to say this to people. Oh, um, did you remember? Our country is at war.

We're having a war. We're at war in two different countries...Can you even tell? Everything here goes on roughly the same.

Not there.

I realize there is a problem saying 'we.' Who's we? The current administration, who more than half the country did not vote for, started the war. When I think of this group who started this mess, I guess I don't say "we." I don't think "we" got a big tax break. I think "them." Somehow when a war starts though, you don't say "they are having a war," although that might be more accurate.

It's not that I want anyone here to experience this violence. It's not that acknowledging the war will make a difference to the people actually suffering it. It's not even clear that the U.S. is directly responsible for much of the current violence (although I suppose you could say the U.S. is indirectly causally responsible for all of it). It's partly that I'm incredulous something this appalling has happened and partly that I'm infuriated there is not a bigger outcry.

So when I walk around and occasionally think "Wow. This country is sending people to war." Or when I want to shout as everyone goes about their business "There's a war, people!!!" I don't even know what I mean to be saying. Nor do I have some clear idea about what should come next. When it comes to Iraq, though, I wish to God something had stopped them--and I think whatever happens next will not be pretty.

This is the best article I've read about Iraq recently.

Turbanhead mirrored these photographs by a U.S. soldier. You should heed the warning. I stopped looking at them.


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