Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Never Watch The News or Even Read the News

these days. That's a terrible admission for a news junkie to make. But every day something absurd catches my eye.


If they broke the law...he will fire them.

Let's just repeat that again. Actually, what it said was BUSH WILL FIRE LEAKER IF CRIME COMMITTED.

Are they just toying with us here, those headline writers? No, things really are that absurd. He will have the courage to fire a person who works for the President if said person happens to be a criminal.

No, you know what's next don't you? BUSH WILL FIRE LEAKER IF CONVICTED OF CRIME. Once we get a CONVICTION then we'll fire them. Because he/she (not saying who it is, now) might be innocent. And that would be so unfair! To fire that innocent...lady or gentleman.

Go to Salon, read This Modern World...but you don't even need to. All this absurdity is right in front of us.

Sorry, I know it is great political fodder but as crimes go, this one is rather paltry. Do we really care about the welfare of a CIA agent, as sensible as the CIA is actually beginning to look in comparison to the rest of them? What gets me is that Guantanamo and the torture and extradition of people is NO SCANDAL AT ALL (it seems) but this paltry crap is. I understand, I understand, it's like you hit them where they live. They claim to be all about the National Security (in spite of the way the 9/11 Commission--ALSO FORGOTTEN--showed) but then...bla bla bla. It's like if they cut one veteran's benefit that is political fodder for us but if they murder 25 Iraqis or torture 2000 more, well we can't use that politically. What is wrong with people?


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