Saturday, April 05, 2003

Big drag...

Sometimes present Miel reads what past Miel wrote and says: "Girl, you're kind of a big drag."

I start out trying to make a charming little point and then start whining about mass deaths and stuff.

War: Such a big bummer. I'm bummin' out your world.

And that's not fair 'cause I know you are probably watching lots of TV and it's all around us. A big ol' bummer of bombs and bloodshed.

So...Here are some links....For all the Cali people and others who want to think positive during times of crisis...and gruesome slaughter...Tryin' not to bring you down, man!

This is kind of fun...aliens take over world say "all your base belong to us"...unclear if the creator of the anime thing isn't fluent but it's believable because why assume aliens are fluent?

From Christian Finnegan

Disturbing auctions

Little. Yellow. Different. Deadly.

This will remind you of bad stuff but not too much!

Now you know where I stole my identity (the official green lady website). Please don't sue me green lady! You are the real green lady and I'm a mere pretender to the throne.

Find out what I got on the time management quiz!

Here's one of those websites that probably explains my low score...

And this bizarrely addicting game...
from Spunky the Monkey

Finally...we get a real live time traveler and they fail to find out the future. Is our government stupid or what?


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