Wednesday, April 09, 2003

What the ?!?!!?

What if Fox news had been around during other historical events?

Here's the crazy thing: I watched it. I went into a convenience market (Ok it was a liquor store!) and they were in there watching Fox news. Yeah, I'd heard about it. But nothing prepares you for the real thing. I watched it for five minutes. And in that five minutes there were things that I literally could not believe. For example, one of the women (she has big teeth and very thin lips and bleached blonde hair) said something like "Yes, there will be a lot of casualties. But at least for now we can enjoy seeing the troops as they enter Baghdad. She actually said 'enjoy'...Are wars enjoyable? They reported it as if they were talking about sports. In fact, the exact same way they talk about sports. She said "We'll return with more footage of the troops and analysis...." Etc.

The war will be right back after this commercial break. Are people thinking: I have to pee! When's halftime?

Alright, I know, I know. This is hashed and re-hashed. Why go over such things time and again. Well, they are so utterly bizarre. No, really...I need to know: Is this some kind of crazy dream or is it a satiric movie? Every day I am amazed and horrified at how completely weird everything is...

For lack of a better word.


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