Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Self day...

According to 'Self' magazine today, April 9th is Self Day

nude before mirror Klossowski

velasquez venus at her mirror

Happy Self Day! I'll bet you forgot to celebrate self day...Did you forget to be a self today?

It's so unfair...What about Buddhists? Do they get a no-self day?

(According to 'Girls Are Pretty' today is wedding day. "And by this I mean, if you get married on any day but today it will not work out. I know this is short notice but I hope, for the sake of your marriage, that you got married today, or are getting married tonight. Otherwise, you can either call the whole thing off and avoid a lot of pain and regret way down the road..." )

But the best day was April 2nd: What's it going to take it to make it back to bed day... Like self day, I'm pretty sure that every day is what it takes to get back to bed day for me.

Truly--the only way I can ever get out of bed and leave the house is by telling myself I only have to be out for 10 hours and then I can come home and go under the covers again. It works...usually.

Buddhist humor!

I love jokes where the punch line is "A thousand pounds of flax!" (OK, I made that up.) But you can be confident of the lighthearted nature of your beliefs when the jokes have lines like "Having thus spoken the Son of Heaven concluded the Great Debate."

Monks gloat over Yoga championship

I guess 'self day' is not a universal holiday...In fact, I think it must be very culturally specific. When is 'other' day I wonder?

It's 11:30 PM and self day is almost over alas. I'm trying to think of how to celebrate. I think I'll spend the next half an hour looking in a mirror and saying my name over and over and over.

No, I better not. That would remind me of a bad acid trip I had once.

Can't think of a way to celebrate self day...Maybe I'll read Descartes before going to bed or something?

And yet may it not perhaps be the case that these very things which I am supposing to be nothing [e.g., "that structure of limbs which is called a human body"], because they are unknown to me, are in reality identical with the "I" of which I am aware? I do not know, and for the moment I shall not argue the point, since I can make judgements only about things which are known to me. (Med. 2, AT 7:27)


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