Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hahahahahahahahah..heh...hu...h...wipes eyes, looks for bridge to jump from



Yeah, when our country unjustifiably invades a place and there is torture and misery for all we kind of feel....slightly uncomfortable.

We're not totally dense, you know.
I Have Some Lame Ass Reasons

for giving up on this. Come to think of it, they aren't all that lame. Among them are:

Reason #1: Everything SUCKS TOO MUCH NOW and I am sick of talking about it. I.e., the war in Iraq. Remember? That war where people are being killed, murdered and tortured?

That one. IT SUCKS. It drives me so crazy I have nothing interesting to say about it but SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

But what is to be done? At this point, I suppose I could immolate myself on the grounds of the White House. Let's see...would there be press coverage? No.

And that's about it!

So I've given up.

Reason #2: I got pregnant and the war was so disturbing when I was pregnant (and you are not supposed to go insane when pregnant_), I thought I should perhaps avoid the more gruesome news I could avoid. Meaning: I'm not going to spend 5-8 hours a night trying to understand this madness.

Then I had a baby and it seemed so ridiculous to spend time blathering, etc.

So this is all just to say that if anyone stumbles across this dead ship floating rudderless through the sad internet sea

Give money to the people in Niger because they are freaking dying....