Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The singular of panties

Is 'panty.'
According to this Victoria's Secret postcard I got promising me $5 any bra and a 'free panty.'

So 'member folks don't say: "What color panties are you wearing???"
Say "What color panty are you wearing?"
Or: "Can I take off your panties?" Should actually be: "May I remove your panty?" (Unless you want to be corrected and you don't, now do you?)

However, do not apply this rule to 'socks.' Do not say "I am wearing a pair of red sock." Or: What color sock are you wearing?

OK. There are sound grammatical reasons 'socks' are different. But I cannot say the same for 'pants.'

Do not show yourself to be a lingerie novice! Give up the word 'panties' for anything but more than one panty or be laughed out of town by those in the know.

By the way do you know Victoria's Secret?
A: She dresses like a slut!

I want to be rrrriiiiccchhh...

First go laugh at this 'infographic' about genetically modified foods

I never thought it was worth it to do much for filthy lucre. I never understood how it could be such a prime motivating force in people's life. Particularly if it prevented you from doing what was interesting now. I thought--it's interesting now to get a Ph.D., to travel all over the place, to read hundreds of novels. Why would I do what is uninteresting now for money? And would money then get me to do what is interesting later? Not necessarily. And perhaps later I would be a quite uninteresting person--incapable of doing what is interesting--since I had spent all my time in some money making office...and so on and so forth.

But now I want to be rrrrriiiiicccchhh. I want to be rich! I want to be Richie Rich! And I can't quite figure out why I ever spurned my (now utterly destroyed and annihilated) chance to make a buck. Of course--it was me. And it's likely I never would have made much. I would have tried to become a corporate lawyer and then taken all pro bono cases, etc. Wealth is not my destiny. Usually, I have had what is enough or almost enough. Rare are the times I have had to visit the check cashing place to get a usurious advance on my salary. But I am one of many absurdly overeducated broke people that I know.

My new craving for riches (inexplicable--the result of pregnancy hormones) has made me see get rich quick schemes everywhere. To be fascinated by businesses that go into the millions (all the while knowing that I could not replicate this feat). Particularly, my recent fascination has focused on idiotic books--Chicken Soup for the Soul;, Everything I Needed To Know In Life I Learned in Kindergarten; Life's Little Instruction Book.

I'm obsessed with this genre of uplifting literature and how it could be the ticket to riches. (But don't steal my idea...Please?) Again, one has to do what one is good at so the best I can think of is downer literature. Bitter Bile for the Soul; I Barely Know What I Need To; There Are No Instructions in Life and In Fact No One Knows What The Hell They're Doing.

Yeah, won't work. I know. But it was worth a thought. A very brief thought.

Monday, October 20, 2003

"Bitterness has a bad rap. Bitter people are often maligned, accused of being a surly bunch of non-productive whiners who are seldom satisfied and never happy. This paints a distorted picture however, since the bitter are in reality, a fairly normal lot, cursed with the ability to see the world as it is. "

The Book of Bitterness

from the fabulous Idletype
Thing I don't understand: The Drug War

I was reading some appaling statistics about prisons and the drug war. Of course, this doesn't seem to be at the top of anyone's agenda at the moment. Too lazy to post statistics--I will later. It's such a cliche but my thought was: Yes, and if they busted every pot smoking or other drug doing middle class (or upper class) white person? What would happen to the war on drugs? It would vanish like a puff of smoke I'm sure. If they busted every recreational marijuana user? But then: Why don't they? Why do so many middle class white people use drugs with impunity? I mean, even if they just busted every middle class white user in New York City...the outcry--can you imagine?

Man, it's enough to make you think there's some kind of conspiracy. Am I being too obvious? Is it this obvious? What critical fact am I missing?

The U.S. spent 17.7 Billion on it in 2000 (Of course that doesn't seem like much after Iraq--but it is.)

Drug War Facts

drug policy alliance